Jumbo Complete Cat Drug Blend Refillable Toy

Space Kitty Express


We cut the internal pocket on these toys so you can stuff the whole thing! Our regular toys last for months, but these Jumbo Toys fit about 3 times as much herb as the regular toys. NOTE: The white toys are a different texture than the regular size white toys, look at our picture closely.

This All-in-One herbal blend cat toy includes all five of our main ingredients and is virtually guaranteed to captivate your kitty! Our organic catnip, organic valerian root, organic lemongrass, silver vine leaves, silver vine fruit, and tatarian honeysuckle wood shavings make this a uniquely irresistible blend. Visit our individual product listings to learn more about each ingredient.

The toy is reusable and we sell herb refills! Choose what color toy you want.

WARNING: Valerian root is stinky, we've gotten complaints, but cats love it!