Holiday 2-Toy Sample Pack

Space Kitty Express


This is a limited edition Holiday set! This sample pack includes two refillable Magic Triangle toys in festive printed flannel fabrics with fun fleece tails. One toy will be stuffed with Organic Catnip, the other will contain our Catnip Alternatives Mix of Silver Vine Fruit, SIlver Vine Leaves, Valerian Root, and Lemongrass... basically everything except Catnip. They're the perfect little gift for a cat who already enjoys catnip and has yet to experience the alternative herbs.

They are 4" long with 3" tails. Each one is handmade by us. They're a great size for kitties to paw, bite, carry or roll around with. The fun fleece tails add interest and movement to catch your cat's eyes too. Most of all, the herbal scents will draw your cat in and provide a wonderful form of enrichment for bored house cats! 

Each Magic Triangle toy comes in a labeled bag. Unless otherwise requested, this pack will include:
- Organic Catnip in the Red Snowflake (Red) or Dark Blue Plaid (Blue) Patterns
- Catnip Alternative Mix in the White Holly (Red) or Light Blue Stars (Blue) Patterns

Please refer to this list if you forget which ingredient was in each toy and are trying to figure out which herb your cat prefers.  Also, don't forget that these toys have a velcro opening and are reusable! Once you have determined which ingredients are your cat's favorites, you can order herbal refills from us to refresh the toys later. If there's an herb that your cat doesn't respond to, you can easily empty it and refill that toy with whichever herb your cat prefers so all the toys will be enjoyed! Many customers have reported that our toys continue to get feline attention for many months, even after a year of being in their house.

Each magic triangle toy comes in a labeled 3"x4" biodegradable zip-lock bag
All of our products are shipped in sustainably sourced, recyclable envelopes