Jumbo Silver Vine Refillable Toy

Space Kitty Express


We cut the internal pocket on these toys so you can stuff the whole thing! Our regular toys last for months, but these Jumbo Toys fit about 3 times as much herb as the regular toys. NOTE: The white toys are a different texture than the regular size white toys, look at our picture closely.

Silver vine (a.k.a. Matatabi or Japanese Catnip) is one of the most potent and effective cat drugs around. We get dried leaves and fruit straight from Asia, and it's by far our most popular herb.

The dried leaves release puffs of the active ingredients with every satisfying crunch, while the minty smell of the course ground fruit will keep your cat coming back for more.

A recent scientific study found that 90% of cats respond to silver vine. Get a refillable toy stuffed with our mixture, and then buy refills from our shop when you need more. It's edible and makes a great little treat!