Jumbo Tatarian Honeysuckle Refillable Toy

Space Kitty Express


We cut the internal pocket on these toys so you can stuff the whole thing! Our regular toys last for months, but these Jumbo Toys fit about 3 times as much herb as the regular toys. NOTE: The white toys are a different texture than the regular size white toys, look at our picture closely.

We get fresh, wild tatarian honeysuckle from a plant biologist in the upper midwest and grind it down into small wood chips and keep them fresh and frozen in an airtight freezer container.

This wood has a citrusy scent that even the human nose can detect. Many cats who don't like catnip will love this popular Canadian alternative. Get yours today, we also sell the wood chips by themselves, but we recommend you always give them to your cat in a refillable toy, so they don't accidentally inhale the tiny chips.


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