Leopard Kick Stick With Tassels - 18" Long - Refillable

Space Kitty Express


Cats love tassels, cats love kick sticks, we have both! This Leopard Print Kick Stick is plush and soft and has three tassel that kitties can bat their paws at. Plus, it's stuffed with 1/2 oz. of our famous herbs and blends to keep them interested. It is enclosed with velcro on one end, and can be refilled with any of our herbs, so it can be refilled and reused forever...or until it's ripped to shreds.


Silver Vine Fruit Grain is hard to find. It has a minty scent that tingles the human nose. While many have heard of silver vine powder, the fruit grain has a stronger smell that lasts much much longer. Check out how some street cats react to it here https://youtu.be/dTLGGUjtwVA

Tatarian Honeysuckle smells citrusy and is hard to find on the market. We get ours fresh from a plant biologist in Michigan who treks into the woods and hunts down these invasive species. We keep them in the freezer so they retain their freshness.

Most everyone has heard of catnip and lemongrass, some have heard of valerian root, we get only the finest organic versions of each to add into our mix, and cats definitely notice!

WARNING: Valerian root is STINKY, but cats love it. You've been warned.

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