Blue Kick Stick With Tassels - 18" Long - Refillable

Space Kitty Express


Cats love tassels, cats love kick sticks, we have both! This shimmery blue kick stick is plush and soft and has three tassels that kitties can bat their paws at. Plus, it's stuffed with 1/2 oz. of our famous herbs and blends to keep them interested. It is enclosed with velcro on one end, and can be refilled with any of our herbs ... until it's ripped to shreds!


Herbal Ingredients:

Course Silver Vine Fruit is hard to find. It has a unique scent that kitties love. While some people have heard of silver vine powder or silver vine sticks, the fruit also contains potent cat attractant ingredients. Check out how some street cats react to it here

Tatarian Honeysuckle smells sweet and is usually hard to find in an average pet store. We get ours fresh and refine it in small batches to retain it's freshness. 

Most everyone has heard of catnip and lemongrass, some have heard of valerian root, we get only the finest organic versions of each and cats definitely notice!

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