Refillable Mice

Our classic mouse toys, these mice are small, fragrant, soft, and refillable. Dangle them from their tail in front of your kitty and let them grab it with their claws! You can stuff a fresh pinch of herbs in their velcro pouch and refresh their scent. These mice are known to become some kitty's favorite toys that they carry around and groom for years.

If you just want a single mouse, pick which herb filling you want below, then you can choose the type of mouse it comes in. You can choose from 4 different colors and textures, the gray and brown mice have a soft, stringy fur, while the white and black mice have a sherpa-type fur.

If you want to find out which herb is your cat's favorite, try our 4-mouse sample pack, where you get 4 different mice, each stuffed with a different one of our active herbs. We also have a 3-mouse and a 2-mouse sample packs in case you already know whether your cat likes Catnip or Valerian Root.