Mini Kickers

These handmade Mini Kickers are for kitties who are intimidated by big toys. They're smaller than our normal Kick Sticks, but they still have a long shape that allows for even tiny cats to grab a hold and bunny kick. They're plush, soft, and have two felt tassels. Shake the Mini Kicker tassels above your kitty's head or on the floor nearby and make them chase the Kick Stick for a while before letting them grab, bite, and kick it to get some energy out of their system. The felt tassels will be able to handle many pokes of the claw. Once in their jaws, the scent of our famous herbs and blends will keep them interested and ready to release some energy. The Mini Kickers are enclosed with velcro on one end, and can be refreshed with any of our herbs, so it can be refilled and reused again and again.