Wand Attachments

Is your cat restless, zooming around all the time, nipping at your ankles or arms? Cats are predators, they have an urge to hunt, and wand toys are a great way to satisfy that urge! Make them chase it around until they're a little tired, then let them catch it and reward them with some scratches, pats, and treats. Repeat until they are proud of their performance.

Unfortunately, we don't ship wands, but we do sell extra lengths of US-grown hemp cord, which can be used to revive and old wand that used to have a toy attached to it before it was destroyed. All of our Wand Attachment toys come pre-stuffed with herb, but not so much that it affects the enticing, wormy wiggling of the toy when its being led around on a string.

Our wand attachments have a loop that you can use to tie a string to, so when your cat catches the toy, you can continue to pull on it, simulating struggling prey. Alternatively, you can insert the string through the velcro opening of the toy and close the velcro tight, so that when your cat catches the toy, it comes loose and they feel like they caught something that was just moving, but suddenly stopped. Find out which way is your kitty's favorite!

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