Happy Customers

Disabled Cat Shelter + Cat Drugs = Purr Party

One of our customers runs Villa Vacht, a home for disabled cats in The Netherlands. Last year, they ordered a large amount of cat drugs, which they tied up in little toys and spread all over the house.  What resulted is an amazing display of a dozen or so cats all mesmerized by our herbal intoxicants. Consider checking out Villa Vacht and following them on social media. https://www.facebook.com/VillaVacht/

Liam Loves His New Kick Stick With 4 Different Catnip Alternatives

Loyal customer Liam just got one of our Kick Sticks, watch him tire himself out in this vigorous play session. These are great for getting out aggression when your kitty baby just wants to hunt.

Our Kick Sticks are a triple threat. The tassels catch their interest, the long plush shape of the Kick Stick gives them the feeling that they caught some small prey, and the herbal Ingredients get them give them sensations throughout their body. 

Customer in Hong Kong is a Fan!

Thanks so much to HKGirl for this video.  Send us a video of your Fur Baby enjoying our toys and we'll post it!



Bim's All-Time Favorite Toy

Bim's mom Chelsea told us that she see's this toy moving around her house every day. Sometimes she even catches Bim throwing it across the room. 

There's no catnip in this toy, it's just a mix of Tatarian Honeysuckle, Valerian Root, Lemongrass, Silver Vine Fruit, and Silver Vine Leaves. Kitties can't resist!

Liam is a Fan of Tatarian Honeysuckle

 Liam likes catnip just fine, but his mom Janna wanted to spoil him with a rare northern delicacy, Tatarian Honeysuckle. Thanks for the video Janna!

We get our Tatarian Honeysuckle fresh from Michigan and keep it frozen to lock in the citrusy scent.

Shaggy's First Encounter With Exotic Catnip Alternatives

Thanks to Gerard and Sommer for sending us this video of Shaggy enjoying a refillable toy stuffed with our 5-in-1 Complete Herbal Blend of cat drugs.

Those fragrant herbs just drive them wild, while the toy keeps his attention. Watch him shake his head when he crunches down on the toy, releasing a burst of scent that tickles his nostrils.

Frost Flips Out for Valerian Root

Frost doesn't respond to catnip, but she can't get enough of this refillable toy stuffed with our proprietary mix of Organic Valerian Root and Organic Lemongrass.  Thanks Julia!

Valerian Root is pretty stinky, so we mix it with Organic Lemongrass to make sure that human noses aren't offended, but sensitive feline noses can sniff it out.