5-in-1 Complete Cat Drug Blend

Space Kitty Express


This is Space Kitty Express' proprietary blend of 5 different cat drugs (really 6, but who's counting?) This blend isn't just a bunch of different oils and some silver vine powder sprayed on a bunch of catnip, this is an actual mix of 6 raw herb components, tatarian honeysuckle, organic lemongrass, organic valerian root, organic catnip and silver vine fruit and leaves. The mix includes near equal parts (by weight) of all 6 components. 

Coarse ground Silver Vine Fruit is normally difficult to find. It has a unique scent that cats love. While many have heard of silver vine powder or sticks, the fruit bits contain powerful cat attractant ingredients as well. Check out how some cats react to it here: 

Tatarian Honeysuckle smells sweet and is hard to find on the market. We get ours fresh and refine it in small batches to retain it's quality. 

Most everyone has heard of catnip and lemongrass, some have heard of valerian root, we get only the finest organic versions of each to add into our mix, and cats definitely notice!

If you need more proof, check our videos of cats enjoying this herb mix (in a toy)

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