Herbal Blast Off Blanket - Cow Print

Space Kitty Express


Does your kitty love curling up on a soft blankie? This fuzzy Blast Off Blanket is large and scented with a generous scoop of our premium cat herbs to entice your kitty and enrich their playtime. It's perfect for rolling around on, snuggling on, or making biscuits. It is washable and can be turned inside out for thorough cleaning. It's 18"x24" and has a velcro opening so you can refresh it with a pinch of your kitty's favorite herbs.

Put it in your kitty's bed, in a cardboard box, or on their favorite place to lounge, maybe a chair or a table. For an extra treat, put a heat pad under the Space Blanket, your kitty won't be able to resist. If your kitty loves to nap on your lap, cover them with this blanket to make a warm purrito.

Each Blast Off Blanket comes with a scoop of herbs of your choosing. If this is your first time trying Catnip Alternatives, we highly suggest our Complete Cat Herb Blend, which is a mix of all of our herbs. Silver Vine is another popular option. Please remember that your cats' genetic makeup is what determines their response to the active ingredients in Catnip, Silver Vine, Valerian Root, and Tatarian Honeysuckle. We can't guarantee that your cat will react to every one of our herbs, but we sell Sample Packs of refillable toys so you can find out what herbs drive your cat wild!

Each Space Blanket comes in a labeled, biodegradable zip-lock bag
All of our products are shipped in sustainably sourced, recyclable envelopes