Launch Pad - Herb-Infused Furry Mat for Cat Naps

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These luxuriously furry padded play mats are infused with dry herbs that will drive your cat wild! Depending on how your cat reacts to our herbs, you may find them rolling around on it, clawing it, licking/grooming it, or just burying their nose in it and inhaling that herbal goodness. In addition to the herbs inside, there is a comfy 1 inch thick foam mat. Your cat will love lounging on this mat, whether a dignified old cat resting their bones, or a young kitty taking a nap.

You can choose which herbs are included based on your cat’s preferences and we will hand-fill it to order. If this is your first time experimenting with Non-Catnip Cat Herbs, we highly recommend the Complete Herb Blend, if your cat doesn't react to it, it probably won't react to any Cat Herbs. If you know your cat loves Catnip, but want to see if it reacts with any of our other popular Cat Herbs, try the Catnip Alternatives Blend. If you already know your cats favorite herb, then you can be sure that they will love this Launch Pad when it is saturated in that herbal scent. There is a zipper opening so you can revitalize the herbal scent with our herb refills, but many customers report that their cats continue to be captivated by our herbal toys for months on end.

Please remember that your cats genetic makeup is what determines the attractiveness of the active ingredients in Catnip, Silver Vine, Valerian Root, and Tatarian Honeysuckle. We can't guarantee that your cat will react to every one of our herbs, but we sell Sample Packs of refillable toys so you can find out what herbs drive your cat wild!

Launch Pad is 12"x18"x1", it comes folded in a 12"x9" biodegradable zip-lock bag
All of our products are shipped in sustainably sourced, recyclable envelopes

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