Valerian Root Refillable Toy

Space Kitty Express


We've never met a cat who didn't at least give Valerian Root a second sniff! The earthy, musky aroma of this ingredient is great at catching kitties' attention. Since cats have such a sensitive sense of smell, it seems absolutely intoxicating to them! 

The scent of Valerian root on it's own can be overpowering, so we blend it with another kitty friendly herb, Lemongrass. Cats enjoy the scents and tastes of both ingredients and they create a lovely, calming blend when combined. 

Many cats, including our own, actually experience a relaxing effect from this mix. We've seen many cats nuzzle up with their valerian root and lemongrass toys for a cozy nap.

This refillable mouse toy is filled with 1/8 oz of a mix of Organic Valerian Root and Organic Lemongrass. We sell refills of this herbal mix as well.

Check a video of one of our customers enjoying this toy:

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