4-in-1 Catnip-Alternative Blend

Space Kitty Express


This is Space Kitty Express' proprietary blend of 4 different cat drugs (really 5, but who's counting?) This is an actual mix of 5 raw herb components, tatarian honeysuckle, organic lemongrass, organic valerian root, and silver vine fruit and leaves. They have had no contact with catnip.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND GIVING THIS MIX STRAIGHT TO CATS, it has fine honeysuckle shavings that may be inhaled. BUY A REFILLABLE TOY FOR $2.50 that you can use again and again. 1/4 oz. is enough for 2-4 refills, depending on how tight you pack it.

WARNING: CONTAINS VALERIAN ROOT. Valerian root is stinky, some people have complained about it to us. We only put a few grams in her per ounce, but some people have sensitive noses.

Silver Vine Fruit Grain is hard to find. It has a minty scent that tingles the human nose. While many have heard of silver vine powder, the fruit grain has a stronger smell that lasts much much longer. 

Tatarian Honeysuckle smells citrusy and is hard to find on the market. We get ours fresh from a plant biologist who treks into the woods and hunts down these invasive species. We keep them in the freezer so they retain their freshness.

Most everyone has heard of catnip and lemongrass, some have heard of valerian root, we get only the finest organic versions of each to add into our mix, and cats definitely notice!

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