Silver Vine/Matatabi Fruit (Coarse Ground)

Space Kitty Express


You may have heard about silver vine (a.k.a. matatabi). It comes as a fruit powder, or even silver vine leaf, but this is course ground silver vine fruit. It's edible, cats can eat it right up.

The course ground fruit combines the best aspects of fruit powder and leaf in that it retains its smell longer and stronger whereas silver vine powder only gives a short "high" for some cats. All it takes is a few pieces stuffed in a refillable or handmade toy for cats to get days of play out of it. 

We gave some to some neighborhood street cats and they loved it! 

*ADD A REFILLABLE TOY FOR $2.50* that you'll be able to use again and again. While a 1/4 oz of Fruit grain doesn't seem like a lot, it can be used for 3-4 toy refills.

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