Silver Vine (Matatabi, Japanese Catnip) Fruit & Leaf Mix

Space Kitty Express


Can't decide between Silver Vine Fruit and Silver Vine Leaves? Here's a 1:1 mix of both! There are even some Silver Vine twigs in there! All of them contain the potent, super-effective active ingredient in the Silver Vine (Matatabi) plant.

This herb is effective with nearly 90% of cats, according to a recent scientific publication. It is safe for cats to nuzzle around in, sniff, and even eat (small amounts of course).

We gave some to some neighborhood street cats and they loved it!

*ADD A REFILLABLE TOY FOR $2.50* that you'll be able to use again and again. 1/4 oz of Silver Vine Mix it can be used for 3-4 toy refills.

DO NOT FALL FOR IMITATIONS! This is not a "catnip/silver vine" blend, this mix has NO CATNIP in it, it's not like those "catnip blends" you might find in stores. These bags are filled with 100% Silver Vine plant material.

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