Silver Vine Fruit, Coarse Ground

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You may have heard about Silver Vine Fruit Powder, or even Silver Vine Leaf, but this is Silver Vine Fruit ground to a course texture. It combines the best aspects of fruit powder and leaf in that it retains its smell longer and stronger whereas silver vine powder only gives a short "high" for some cats. All it takes is a few pieces of this highly potent fruit to get a cats attention.

It is safe for cats to eat small amounts of Silver Vine Fruit, but they are carnivores after all, and we recommend that this ingredient be used in a refillable toy (that we sell for an additional $2.50) that you'll be able to use again and again. Many customers have reported that our toys continue to get feline attention for many months, even after a year of being in their house. You can also revitalize your cats interest in any of their old toys by placing them with some Silver Vine Fruit in an airtight container overnight. Try sprinkling some of this Silver Vine Fruit on a cardboard scratcher or cat bed so the pieces get lodged in the nooks and crannies, which will keep the Silver Vine scent there permanently.

Most cats love the active ingredient of Silver Vine, but about 20% of cats do not react to it. We sell sample packs so that you can find out the particular, genetically-determined herbal interests of your cat. Silver Vine Fruit is much more dense than leaves, so it comes in smaller bags, but it is very potent and only requires a few pieces per play session.

1/4 Oz. comes in a 2"x3" biodegradable zip-lock bag
1 Oz. comes in a 3"x4" biodegradable zip lock bag
All of our products are shipped in sustainably sourced, recyclable envelopes

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