Silver Vine Mouse Toy

Space Kitty Express


These refillable mouse toys are generously hand-stuffed with our custom mix of Silver Vine Leaves and Fruit. The Silver Vine plant is notoriously known to drive cats wild. Although this treat is widely enjoyed by cats across Asia, it is rarely found elsewhere. It also goes by the name of Matatabi or Japanese Catnip. Many believe it is actually more powerful than catnip but every cat will react differently, about 20% of cats do not react to it. We sell sample packs so that you can find out the particular, genetically-determined herbal interests of your cat.

The toy has a velcro opening and is reusable. If you find that your cat loses interest in this toy, we sell herb refills so that you can revitalize its scent, but many customers have reported that our toys continue to get feline attention for many months, even after a year of being in their house. Choose what color toy you want.

Mouse comes in 3"x4" biodegradable zip-lock bag
All of our products are shipped in sustainably sourced, recyclable envelopes

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