Valerian Root Refillable Toy

Space Kitty Express


We've never met a cat who didn't at least give Valerian Root a second sniff, it has one of the highest rates of success when it comes to catching kitties attention. It must smell so weird to the sensitive feline olfactory system. 

Humans can definitely smell its musky scent, which tends to linger on furniture. We've actually gotten complaints from customers when we made our 100% Valerian Root toys that their cats love it, but they just couldn't be in the same room as it. So we tempered the overwhelming smell of Organic Valerian Root with some lemony Organic Lemongrass. Cat's can still detect the potent active ingredients, but the human nose is distracted by the aromatic Lemongrass

This refillable mouse toy is filled with 1/8 oz of a mix of Organic Valerian Root and Organic Lemongrass. We sell refills of this herb as well.

CAUTION: Valerian root is STINKY. You've been warned. 

Check a video of one of our customers enjoying this toy