Complete Sample Pack

Space Kitty Express


This is a pack of 4 refillable mouse toys each stuffed with about 1/8 oz of herb or herb mix. You can reuse the toys for as long as your cat doesn't destroy them. The toys are stuffed with wild tatarian honeysuckle chips, silver vine leaf/fruit mix, organic valerian root/lemongrass mix, and organic catnip. Visit the individual product pages on our shop page to read more about each individual toy included in this sample pack! We include labels so you know which is which. If you have preferences for specific toy colors (we offer white, brown, and grey), let us know in the purchase comments.

A perfect gift for your feline friend or feline friend-of-a-friend! This affordable sample pack is designed for those cat-parents who are just discovering our catnip alternatives and are unsure what your kitty will respond to. You can use these toys to find out exactly what makes them MRAAAOOO with pleasure!

WARNING: CONTAINS VALERIAN ROOT. Valerian root is stinky, we've gotten complaints, if you have a small apartment and don't want to risk it, you may want to another one of our herbal combinations.

Need more proof? Check our videos of cats enjoying the herbs in these toys

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