Space Puff Variety Pack

Space Kitty Express


Your cats will love licking, chasing and digging their claws into these satisfyingly large herbal puffs! We soak these plush puffs in herbal "space dust" to make them irresistible! Cats love the aromas and experience a combination of fun from the tactile and olfactory enrichment. Your cats are sure to enjoy hunting and catching these Space Puffs before sniffing and licking at the herbal residue in their soft faux-fur. 

This set includes five Space Puffs "marinated" in our herbal ingredients. Each Space Puff is approximately three inches wide. You will receive one puff of each color. Each Space Puff comes packed in a separate bag sprinkled with each different ingredient. The herbs included in this set are:

Green Puff- Organic Catnip

Yellow Puff- Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood 

Blue Puff- Silver Vine Fruit & Leaf 

Pink Puff- Organic Valerian Root & Lemon Balm

Purple Puff- Complete Herbal Blend 

During play your cat may lick most of the herbal scents off of their Space Puffs. You can refresh the scents by popping the Space Puffs back into their bags with some of our herbs overnight. Make sure to keep the herb filled bags somewhere that your cats can't get to them, like a cabinet or drawer, or else you might find them ripped open and strewn around the room! You can also purchase additional Space Kitty Express herbs to refresh the puffs over time. 

Each Space Puff and Herb comes in a 4"x6" biodegradable zip-lock bag
All of our products are shipped in sustainably sourced, recyclable envelopes

If you would like specific colors or herbs, feel free to ask for them in the notes section when you check out! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email us at

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