Silver Vine (Matatabi, Japanese Catnip) Fruit & Leaf Mix

Space Kitty Express


Can't decide between Silver Vine Fruit and Silver Vine Leaves? Here's a 1:1 mix of both! There are even some Silver Vine twigs in there! All of them contain the potent, super-effective active ingredient in the Silver Vine (Matatabi) plant.

This herb is effective with nearly 90% of cats, according to a recent scientific publication. It is safe for cats to nuzzle around in, sniff, and even eat (small amounts of course).

We gave some to a few of our community cats and they loved it!

*ADD A REFILLABLE TOY FOR $2.50* that you'll be able to use again and again. 1/4 oz of Silver Vine Mix it can be used for 3-4 toy refills.

DO NOT FALL FOR IMITATIONS! This is not a "catnip/silver vine" blend, this mix has NO CATNIP in it, it's not like those "catnip blends" you might find in stores. These bags are filled with 100% Silver Vine plant material.

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