Organic Catnip

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Our Organic Catnip is the finest around! We're told by customers all the time that they assumed their cat didn't like catnip, and then they got our fragrant, organic herb and suddenly their cat can't resist! This timeless feline favorite is a must have for any cat lover. Add a refillable toy of your choice for an extra $2.50.

Please note that not all cats react to Catnip, it is genetically determined whether they react to it, Tatarian Honeysuckle, Valerian Root, or Silver Vine. We sell sample packs so that you can find out the particular herbal interests of your cat, but we cannot guarantee that they will react to any of our herbs.


1/4 Oz. comes in a 3"x4" biodegradable zip lock bag
1 Oz. comes in a 4"x6" biodegradable zip lock bag
All of our products are shipped in sustainably sourced, recyclable envelopes

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