Launch Pad - Herb-Infused Mat for Cat Naps

Space Kitty Express


These luxuriously furry padded play mats are infused with dry herbs that will drive your cat wild! You can choose which herbs are included based on your cat’s preferences. We offer Organic Catnip, Silver Vine Fruit and Leaf Mix, Tatarian Honeysuckle, and Valerian Root/Lemongrass blend. If you'd like a mixture of several herbs, we also offer a Complete Herbal Blend, which is a mixture of all of our herbs (including catnip), and Catnip Alternative Blend, which is a mixture of all of our alternative ingredients (without catnip).

In addition to the 1/2 oz. of herbs inside, there is a comfy 1 inch thick eco-foam mat. Your cat will love lounging on this mat, whether a dignified old cat resting their bones, or a young kitty taking a nap.

All of our toy designs go through rigorous testing with our three rescue cats before being featured in our shop so you can rest assured that the materials we use are durable & cat approved! 

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