Wholesale Cat Toys

Welcome to our Wholesale Page, this page is for Pet Stores only. We're your source for the freshest, most effective Cat Herbs, featuring our hard-to-find catnip-alternatives; Silver Vine, Tatarian Honeysuckle, and Valerian Root. We also offer some "crowd pleasers", which are our Complete Cat Herb Blend, containing every herb we offer, and our Catnip Alternatives Blend, featuring everything except Catnip.

These Cat Herbs are safe and have been studied by scientists (1,2). Whether a cat responds to Catnip, Silver Vine, Tatarian Honeysuckle, or Valerian Root depends on their genetics. Approximately 80% of cats respond to Silver Vine, 65% respond to Catnip, 50% to Tatarian Honeysuckle, and 50% to Valerian Root. Lemongrass does not produce euphoric effects, but it is known to attract some cats, we use it in combination with Valerian Root because the smell of pure Valerian Root can be off-putting to some humans.

If you have customers who love their cat, and would like to spoil them with a new Cat Herb they just discovered in your store, we think our products will sell well. Our toys are well-made, reusable, and stuffed with the finest herbs, and  We have successfully been a wholesaler to Jackson Galaxy's Webstore for 5 years, as well as a few small Pet Shops, and are looking to expand to other pet stores.

These products are discounted 20-30% and come with a colorful, informative cardstock tag.  Please read our reviews on our main store page spacekittyexpress.com, our reviews on our Etsy page, and our "Kitty Fan" Stories of happy customers on Instagram at @spacekittyexpress

Once orders are placed, they should be ready within a week, and we will contact you to confirm pickup or delivery, shipments can be worked out, but will cost extra. Remember to indicate if you would like a hole punched in the tag. We are able to negotiate certain terms with local Pet Store owners. If you would like a free sample for the cat in your life, please let us know. Please email us any questions at spacekittyexpress@gmail.com.