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One of our most popular products over the years has been sample packs where customers can buy multiple toys, each with a different herb in them, to determine which herb is their cat's favorite. There is no guarantee that any cat will like any specific herb, it is determined by their genetics. Studies suggest that 80% of cats respond to Silver Vine, 50% respond to Catnip, and 20% respond to Tatarian Honeysuckle and Valerian Root.

We are currently offering two different kinds of samplers. Our "Catnip Alternatives Sampler" comes with 3 Refillable Mouse Toys, each stuffed with either Tatarian Honeysuckle, Silver Vine, or Valerian Root/Lemon Balm. Our "Complete Cat Herb Sampler" comes with 4 small baggies with a sample of each herb, so your customers can sprinkle them on a scratcher, cat bed, or carpet.

The Refillable Mouse Toys are in a 3"x4" zip-lock bags and stapled to a cardstock tag. The Herb Samples are in 2"x2" zip-lock bags and also stapled to a cardstock tag. Please indicate if you would like the tags to have holes punched in them for hanging. 

If you would like both sample packs, change the "Sampler" and "Qty" to the sampler and number you would like and press "Add to Cart". You will be taken to your Cart. Press the "Continue Shopping" and you will return to this page. Then move on to the second sampler and quantity, press "Add to Cart" again, they should both show up in your cart. The easiest way to see our other wholesale products is to return to

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