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In addition to our toys, we also sell our herbs in half-ounce bags. They are perfect for refilling our refillable toys, or just sprinkling on a cat scratcher, cat bed, carpet, or favorite toy. We also sell Silver Vine Sticks, which has some dental health benefits for the cats like to chew on, and 

You probably have lots of Catnip in your stores, and we offer our own American-Grown Organic Catnip blend, but like to showcase our herbs and special herbal blends that are harder to find. We are one of the few sources of Tatarian Honeysuckle. We make a special blend of Silver Vine Fruit and Leaves, and Silver Vine Fruit Powder, both of which have the same active ingredient and can be used the same way. We also make a unique blend of Valerian Root and Lemon Balm that some cats like. Please remember, there is no guarantee that any cat will like any specific herb, it is determined by their genetics. Studies suggest that 80% of cats respond to Silver Vine, 50% respond to Catnip, and 20% respond to Tatarian Honeysuckle and Valerian Root.

If this is your first time offering Catnip-Alternatives, we recommend our "Complete Cat Herb Blend" has all 5 herbs in it, and our "Catnip-Alternatives Blend" has everything except Catnip, perfect for the customer who wants to explore beyond Catnip. We have only heard of 2-3 cats in our entire 8 year history who did not respond to our "Complete Cat Herb Blend".

The herbs are in 3"x4" bags, the Silver Vine Sticks are in a 4"x6" bag, and the Silver Vine Powder is in a 2"x3" zip lock bag, all biodegradable, and stapled to a cardstock tag. Please indicate if you would like the tags to have holes punched in them for hanging. 

If you would like multiple herbs, change the "Herb" and "Qty" to the herb and number you would like, and press "Add to Cart". You will be taken to your cart. Press the "Continue Shopping" button and it will return you to this page. Change the "herb" and "Qty" to what you would like for your second herb, press "Add to Cart", and repeat the process. The easiest way to see our other wholesale products is to return to

We will only ship to business addresses, or we offer free delivery or pickup in the Capital Region of New York. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions at