Refillable Mice - Wholesale

Space Kitty Express


These refillable Mouse Toys are hand-stuffed with Space Kitty Express' special blends of potent Cat Herbs. We like to showcase our rare Catnip-Alternatives like Tatarian Honeysuckle, Silver Vine, and Valerian Root, but we also have a very effective American-grown Organic Catnip blend. If this is your first time ordering Catnip-Alternatives, we highly recommend our "Complete Cat Herb Blend" containing our famous mixture of 5 Cat Herbs, or our "Catnip Alternatives Blend" which contains everything except Catnip, for those customers who will want to try something other than Catnip.

The Mice come in different colors and textures, The Grey and Brown/Tan mice have a longer fur that cats love to groom, while the White and Black mice have a sherpa-type fur of short curls that cats love to grab with a claw. They're the right size for cats to grab and pretend like it's prey, we have many videos of our customers licking, kicking, and biting these Mice. They're refillable, something that might appeal to some of your customers who like the idea of being able to reuse and refresh their cat's favorite toy.

The Mice are sealed in a 4"x6" biodegradable zip-lock bag and stapled to a cardstock tag with information for the customer. Please indicate if you would like the tags to have holes punched in them for hanging. 

If you would like a variety of mouse colors for a specific herb, choose the "Mixed" under the "Mouse Color" option. If you would like multiple specific mice, change the "Herb Filling", "Mouse Color", and "Qty" to the herb, color, and number you would like, and press "Add to Cart". You will be taken to your cart. Press the "Continue Shopping" button and it will return you to this page. Change the herb, color, and quantity to what you would like for your second type of mouse, press "Add to Cart", and repeat the process. The easiest way to see our other wholesale products is to return to

We will only ship to businesses, or we offer free delivery or pickup in the Capital Region of New York. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions at