Deluxe Cat Herb & Toy Sample Pack

Space Kitty Express


This is the pack for the multi-cat household, the ultimate gift for someone who is new to Cat Herbs. It comes with:

- 1 Kick Stick, with your choice of Pattern and Herb Filling
- 4 Pre-Stuffed, Reusable Mouse Toys
       - 1 Grey Toy with Silver Vine Fruit & Leaves
       - 1 Tan Toy with Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood
       - 1 White Toy with Organic Valerian Root/Lemon Balm Mix
       - 1 Black Toy with Organic Catnip
- 2 Space Puffs
       - 1 with Catnip-Alternatives Blend
       - 1 with Complete Cat Herb Blend
- 5 Herbs - 1/4 Oz. each
       - Tatarian Honeysuckle
       - Silver Vine Fruit
       - Silver Vine Leaves
       - Organic Catnip
       - Organic Valerian Root/Organic Lemon Balm Mix

Our Mouse Toys and Kick Sticks have velcro openings and are reusable. The Space Puffs come in a bag with a generous helping of our two Cat Herb Blends, they will come in 2 random colors unless you request specific colors. They do not have a velcro opening, but can be "recharged" by placing it in an airtight bag containing the herbs of choice, and letting them soak up the scent and be covered in herb dust. Free Domestic Shipping on this Item!

All toys and herbs come in biodegradable zip-lock bag
All of our products are shipped in sustainably sourced recyclable envelopes

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