Stuff-it-Yourself Cat Herb & Toy Sample Pack

Space Kitty Express


Want to introduce a special kitty in your life to a buffet of cat drugs? Want to try out your own cat herb recipes and stuff your own combinations? This is the pack for you. Try them all! Enough herb for multiple refills. It includes:

- 6 Assorted Refillable Mice in various colors

- 1/2 oz Silver Vine Fruit
- 1/2 oz Silver Vine Leaves
- 1/2 oz Organic Valerian Root/Lemongrass
- 1/4 oz Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood
- 1/2 oz Organic Catnip

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Note: We suggest introducing Honeysuckle Wood to cats stuffed in toys. Although it's okay for them to consume a small amount, it is wood based so we don't recommend feeding it to them. This is just a precaution, we have never come across any issues with our own cats (even when they eat some).

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