Deluxe Cat Herb & Toy Sample Pack

Space Kitty Express


This is a great pack for multi-cat households. It comes with:

- 1 Kick Stick, filled with 1/2 oz of your choice of filling
- 6 Refillable Herbal Mouse Toys, including one of each variety (assorted colors)
     - Silver Vine Fruit & Leaves
     - Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood
     -  Organic Valerian Root/Lemongrass Mix
     -  5-in-1 Complete Cat Herb Blend
     -  4-in-1 Catnip-Alternatives Blend
     - Organic Catnip
- 4 Herbs - 1/4 oz each
     - Silver Vine Fruit
     - Silver Vine Leaves
     - Organic Catnip
     - Organic Valerian Root/Organic Lemongrass Mix

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