Stuff-it-Yourself Cat Herb & Toy Sample Pack

Space Kitty Express


The Stuff-It-Yourself pack is great for the DIY cat-parent. Want to introduce a special kitty in your life to a buffet of cat herbs? Want to try out your own cat herb recipes and stuff your own combinations? This is the pack for you. Try them all! Enough herb for multiple refills. Remember to keep your herbs in drawers or cabinets where your cats can't get to them, or else you might find the bags torn open and the herb all over the floor!

Many customers have reported that our toys continue to get feline attention for many months, even after a year of being in their house. You can also use the extra herbs to revitalize your cats interest in any of their old toys placing them in an airtight container with your favorite Cat Herb. You can also just sprinkle some on your cats favorite scratcher, in their cat bed, or on a carpet.

The Stuff-it-Yourself Pack includes:
- 1/4 Oz. Silver Vine Fruit
- 1/4 Oz. Silver Vine Leaves
- 1/4 Oz. Organic Valerian Root/Lemon Balm
- 1/4 Oz. Tatarian Honeysuckle
- 1/4 Oz. Organic Catnip
- 4 Different Empty Refillable Mouse Toys
- 1 Space Puff

Please remember that not all cats react to every Cat Herb, it is genetically determined whether they react to a particular herb. It is likely that your cat will ignore at least one of the herbs in this pack, and will have a clear favorite. If that's the case, consider sharing the herb with a feline friend of yours to see if they like it.

All herbs and toys come in biodegradable zip-lock bags
All of our products are shipped in sustainably sourced, recyclable envelopes

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